Successfully Marketing a Business as a Black Business Owner

In this day and age where businesses compete for the attention of the masses, successfully marketing your business will be the difference between continuing on and closing down.  And if you are a black business owner, you have it harder since you will be competing not only with your competitors but also with a society that doesn’t normally lean towards black-owned businesses.

If you are a black business-owner that had just realize this dilemma, you might be asking yourself “How will I manage to market my business in the most efficient way possible?”

Fortunately, there are some basic rules that you have only have to integrate with your on-going business process in-order to market your business properly.

Research about Your Target Market

As a black business owner, you should always put your audience in mind whenever you are attempting to start any marketing campaigns.

Here are some basic examples of questions you should keep in mind whenever you want to start marketing your business:

•    Are your services local?

•    Are you targeting a large region?

•    Are your services targeted for minorities only?

•    Does your target market commune in a single location?

•    Do they build communities revolving your industry or niche?

These are only some questions you should be keeping in mind if you want to grow an avid market that’s geared toward purchasing your product or service.

Provide a Solution

Here’s a question for you: do you know how your product or service can ease the lives of your would-be customers?

If you answered yes, then here’s a follow-up question: do you actually know the problem that your would-be customers are having?

If you answered no to either of those questions, then it’s time to hit the books again and review your business.

A business is only as good as its products or services. If people can’t find value in dealing with your business, A.K.A. if you don’t answer any of their on-going problems, then your business means nothing to them.

Having an answer to your customers’ problems means that your product or service is a strong competitor in the industry. It gives value to what you offer to your market.

And speaking of value…

Have a Unique Value Proposition

Now that you have identified your target and assessed your business’ strengths, it’s time to ask yourself, “What do you have that other business in the same industry (your competitors) don’t?”

In other words, what makes you unique?

This is a very important question that separates your business from others. This is twice true for black business owners, since if your product or service is the same than a white competitor, then most people will gear towards that due to the prevalent anti-black bias people have in our society.

Always present your unique value proposition (UVP) on your marketing efforts. This is what usually sells. People always flock to something they haven’t tried or seen before, even if it’s basically a donut that they can find somewhere else.

Consider Moving Your Business Online

The words “everything is online” applies to literally everything, including business. Having online properties owned by your brand will enable people to find you easily.

There are a lot of black business owners that are transitioning from traditional to digital means when it comes to marketing their brands. This is because it’s easier for interested people to find what they are looking for online, rather than to scour every street to find a certain product or service.

Also, social media plays a major role in making a business boom. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the top three social networking sites you should make online pages or profiles on. The more you are visible to your market, the better chances you have in them doing business with you.

PRO TIP: Also consider signing up in black business networks or black business directories. These sites help you advertise and get your name out there for a small fee. They also help you network with our like-minded professionals which can help you in the long run.

These are just four tips we can give you before you start marketing your black-owned business. Along the way, you will learn many more things that would help you run your business much smoothly. Hope you learned something, and if you did, drop a comment down below.

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