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If you are tired of reporting to your office job 5 days out of the week, now is the time to come up with a successful online business idea so that you can build your company and start making money on your own. When you start one of your own, you have control over operations and never have to worry about reporting to a micromanaging supervisor, but you must have an idea that will set you up for success first. Online business ventures are becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern times, but not all ventures will make you a decent profit long-term. If you are ready to make the effort to start your own company, here are some great ideas to consider to get the process started.

What might be a great idea to you could be a horrible idea to another individual. You must consider your interests, your skills, and what the market needs before you can really settle on a good idea. The market is consistently changing, and you must keep this in mind when you are brainstorming ideas. Consider all of the other sellers and service providers in the market and whether or not the market is already plagued with too much competition. Here are some great choices to consider:

Open An E-Commerce Store Online

If you have always dreamed of owning a retail shoppe, you do not necessarily have to let a commercial space and invest in fixtures and signage. By opening an e-commerce store, you can start your own business virtually and offer what people really want to buy at the price that they can afford. Online stores are becoming increasingly popular as more and more consumers in the UK turn to the Internet when they want to get value. You may even want to consider a turn-key store, where the shoppe is already designed and you already have products to sell. If you want to start your company from the ground up, you can design your site, set up your merchant account, and choose specialised products that you will offer a specific online audience.

If you are looking to target an audience outside of the UK, it may be worth considering website translation services. Many e-commerce sites will offer services and products worldwide or in specific countries, so, therefore, would be very useful for potential customers to be able to read and navigate the website easily. Using a professional service will guarantee an accurate translation.


When blogs first became popular, they were a platform where individuals could write about their interests or their experiences. Now, they are becoming a popular marketing tool for companies that want to optimise their websites and drive more traffic to their web pages. If you have always been commended for your writing skills, put these skills to work and start your own blogging business. Small company owners, large corporations, and advertisers are constantly looking for bloggers who have subscribers and talent to partner with. When you blog, you never have to worry about selling a physical product just to earn a profit. You simply make posts on a regular basis, and companies will pay for advertising space or for each user you direct to their website. This low-cost startup is a great option for people who want to keep their start-up costs low.

Mobile Marketing

If you are looking for an idea that is fairly new, consider mobile marketing. Online stores and blogging are two popular choices, but there are a lot of business owners you are going to have to compete with. Because marketing through mobile devices is just now becoming a focus, mobile marketing is a great field to enter into while it is still young. You simply need to get some training, position yourself in the industry, and start attracting business who are in need of mobile marketing services.

What you need before starting up your own business

business license

Once you have a perfect idea, you will need to sit down and construct a detailed and thorough plan. Starting a business can be very risky, and because of this, you need to make sure you consider the legalities before you start promoting your products and your services online. You might be eager to launch as soon as you can, but you cannot start without considering your company formation, licensing, and domain information. By using top professional company services to help you with company formation, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be in safe hands and will not leave out some of the most important aspects of building a business. Here are some tips to consider so that you can protect your personal assets and the business you have worked hard to build:

Company Formation Can Protect You From Lawsuit

Setting it up yourself may be the most affordable route, but make sure that you avoid small mistakes that can lead to serious problems. You might be focusing on a name, and business plan, and a domain name, but have you considered how you will form the company?

Do you want to be an individual sole trader or a limited company? When considering each, you must consider the advantages and drawbacks of each. If you form a limited one, you do not have to worry about losing your personal belongings if it goes bust. You also will benefit from your taxes, by claiming expenses and mileage that you cannot claim on your Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions as a sole trader.

If you choose to form one with limited liability, keep in mind that you will need to file an IR35 and you must also submit paperwork for your company to the HMRC. This might be complicated at first, but once you understand the process of going limited and submitting your filings, you should not have problems.

It might be easiest to hire a chartered accountant to help you form your business and file all of the necessary paperwork. Make sure you do not let your focus on website design, marketing tactics, and building your book-of-business take away from the formation. After all, you should focus on forming it properly before you even design a marketing campaign or before you reach out to prospective clients.

How to host an effective team meeting


Every business requires a business meeting. They are important for many reasons such as discussing goals or changes within the workplace. However, many of you may find that meetings don’t always go as planned. For instance, times can be wasted if an employee rambles too much on trivial matters. Especially when meetings are last minute, or not planned, this can result in an unproductive meeting. You may even find yourself conducting a meeting that may very well be unnecessary.

So, it’s highly important that meetings are planned, structured and are always in line with the businesses’ goals at all times. It’s also necessary to eliminate wasted time during the meetings. To help you organise a more productive meeting, we’ve collected the following articles to help you plan ahead.

How do I Conduct Effective Team Meetings?

Many employees feel that meetings are a waste of time. This is largely due to meetings that are not being run effectively in a small business. Before calling a meeting, determine if there is a true need for the meeting. If it can be handled with a quick phone call or email, do not interrupt the work day with an in-person meeting that will take much more time and effort. All managers should strive to preside over effective meetings that are as quick as possible and meet the stated goal.

Begin and end the meeting on time. Meetings are seen by many as time wasters in the organization. By always beginning and ending on time, it is less likely the meeting will be seen in this fashion. When the meeting is called, establish how long the meeting will last and stick to that timeline. This allows all employees to plan their day accordingly and be completely devoted to the meeting during the time of it. Via

How to Run Effective Team Meetings

Ah, the much maligned business meeting. There’s no other activity in the history of the American workplace that has inspired both widespread adoption and intense dread. Despite the reputation meetings have earned, there is still hope for rehabilitating them so they can one day serve as important tools for fostering communication and action. Want to get more out of your meetings? Be the change you wish to see in your organization and start implementing the following rules for meeting engagement. Make sure it’s absolutely necessary. There’s nothing worse than arriving to a meeting only to discover that the information could’ve been conveyed via email or a quick in-person chat. If you want to make the most of your meeting–and be respectful of people’s time– don’t book a meeting unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Arrive with an objective. If you don’t know what you want out of a meeting, then you shouldn’t be having one. Whether you’re a maker–a programmer, writer, or another kind of creator–or a manager, meetings cost you time. And that’s in short supply these days. When you send a calendar invitation to the meeting, include a short agenda so individuals arrive prepared with the right information.

Stay focused on the task at hand. According to coach Brian Tracy, meetings should be run with the 80/20 principle in mind. “Organize the agenda so that the top 20% of items are the first items to be discussed,” he advises. If you run out of time for your meeting, you will have already addressed the concerns that account for 80% of the value of the meeting. Be sensitive about timing. If you want meeting participants to stay engaged, don’t book a meeting for first thing on a Monday morning or on a Friday afternoon. Why? Monday morning meetings tend to catch people before they’ve had a chance to sync with their team, and Friday afternoon meetings are when energy is likely at its lowest. If possible, book your meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon when attention-span–and bandwidth–is at its highest. Via


Ways To Increase Your Capacity As A Business

Growth is often a vague term and it may not always be clear what it means for different businesses. You could have any number of different objectives, and consider success with any of these goals as constituting growth. However, physically expanding your capacity is a little different and this is something you may be interested in if you find you are already operating as fast as you can and new business opportunities are being passed up.

There are a few different ways to go about this. Firstly, you might actually be lacking physical space. This is more likely if you are in a manufacturing industry, but you could also need the space for offices or other employees that you don’t currently have yet.

To increase your amount of physical indoor space cost effectively, you might consider different construction methods. For example, a steel building supplier would be able to work with you to create a custom building, with the necessary dimensions and properties to suit your space and intended usage for it. Steel is an ideal material, especially for manufacturers, because it’s strong, efficient and inexpensive. Instead of looking for a new, traditional brick-built premises, consider searching for steel buildings for sale in partially pre-assembled form and having one installed on your site for a faster expansion.

If it’s not so much physical space you need, but rather additional man power, you will need to look at the possibility of hiring additional staff. You might need more employees to support your existing team if they are overwhelmed with the amount of work they have, or alternatively you could benefit from creating entirely new roles and bringing in people with different specialisms to what you currently have. This can allow your business to work more efficiently and take on a greater amount of work, which should lead to better profits too.

Regardless of the approach you take, one thing businesses usually need more of in order to expand is cash. You might find that you have made initial investments in the wrong areas, and you have resources or stock sitting idle while you struggle to keep up with the cash you need on a daily basis. In fact, cash flow is the number one problem for most businesses, even when they’re run by experienced professionals. Selling off assets to increase your liquidity may help you raise the funds to increase your capacity in other ways.

It is worth considering that sometimes the best way to increase the capacity of your business is to wait a little longer. If you are a new start-up, it can be tempting to run before you can walk based on a little initial success. In reality you might be in a better position if you save up those early profits for a few more months and make a more calculated move later on which can increase the size of your business in the best way.

Growing your small business in 2017


A recent find shows that growing a small business will become easier in the next coming years due to the rapidly advanced improvement of technology and continuous growth of social media. The new technologies will help with reducing the costs and risks of running a small business. As with the social media, small businesses are now able to reach larger audiences online with using fewer expenses in marketing.

So if you are looking to grow your business, the time is now as there are plenty of opportunities that you can take advantage of. Even with the help of technologies and social media, we all know that it will require extra efforts, keeping in mind that there are competitions everywhere. So to help you get started, we’ve collected the following articles with useful tips on how to grow your business this year.

Four Ways to Grow Your Small Business in 2017

Business owners need to stop repeating mistakes that stifle growth. Unfortunately, some business people are actually quite resistant to multiple actions that ensure steady growth. The level of competition will remain fierce in 2017 and here are things that people should do:

1. Define area of expertise: Defining area of expertise is essential, so we don’t over-generalize our focus. This step is also important to focus on specific ability not offered by the competition. Small businesses should work harder to gain distinct advantage on areas which they are best suited. Becoming an expert on specific thing could become an essential factor for growth in 2017. Small businesses shouldn’t become generalists to allow them compete with bigger companies.

2. Expand area of influence in the market. Growth is about expanding our area of influence after the beachhead in the marketplace is fully established. Expanding our market share is easy to do if distributors, sellers and consumer know our products. This is an important growth method that’s recommended by any expert. If done properly, this step should work really well. It’s an effective use of our time and resource to grow our business, in the current marketplace. With expanded influence, it will be much easier to increase market presence. Read more at

How to Grow Your Small Business in 2017?

Every big and small business wishes to grow and expand effectively and create a reputation for the bright success of their business. It is not possible overnight, for accelerating growth you need to invest in a lot of time and effort and you would eventually be rewarded with achieving your goals. Here we are providing you with some tips that would help your small business to achieve your target growth milestones:

Every big and small business wishes to grow and expand effectively and create a reputation for the bright success of their business. It is not possible overnight, for accelerating growth you need to invest in a lot of time and effort and you would eventually be rewarded with achieving your goals. Here we are providing you with some tips that would help your small business to achieve your target growth milestones:

For growth of every business, an effective market research needs to be done so that you can know where your business loop holes are. For example Dove soap, it was initially only into soap marketing and with research they found out that their product is being liked by many, so they came up with Dove shampoo, lotions, creams etc. where they feature the general public for their ads and show how the public is benefited out of their products.

The most intellectual way of growing your small business into a big one, is to properly segment the market and create a new corner of the market. First of all, segment the market for your product, then make a list of your competitors and which target market are they catering and pick up the undeserved areas. A little effort is required, but by doing this you can find out the small corner in the large market where you can deeply focus on and dedicate your full energy in the growth of your business in this corner. Read more at


Why You Need A Lawyer To Help Grow Your Business

If you’ve made it to the early stages of running your own business without the help of a lawyer, you’re either very experienced in the field of law, or you’re setting yourself up for a major disaster. You might have reached this point without any obvious problems, but all that could be about to change.

There are various options when you’re looking to hire legal professionals these days. A new breed of law firm has been rising in popularity, hiring remote workers to save on overheads and provide a more affordable service than a traditional firm. A consultant lawyer is another role that has become much more popular with business in recent years, with business owners seeking professional advice and guidance to ensure they are going about things the right way. Hiring a consultant lawyer on this basis is most likely a very smart first step for you if you’re just getting started.

Why? Because a good lawyer will help you negotiate the complex maze of the UK legal system, with the objective of avoiding any serious legal issues that could cost you a lot of money. If you’ve already hit a major barrier, or worse, someone is taking legal action against your business, it’s already too late. Hiring a lawyer at this point might help you reduce the amount you’ll end up paying, but in most cases they won’t be able to get you out of your obligation if you’re already made a mistake.

It is worth considering that hiring either freelance lawyers or a more traditional service will be much more effective if you find professionals who specialise in your area of business. Many individuals and firms are now highly specific with the kinds of clients they work for, and will get the best results for those clients. A general lawyer with no particular specialism probably doesn’t have the necessary experience to really help your business avoid common pitfalls and identify new opportunities.

Online business ideas


In today’s society the internet has made a massive impact on businesses. To compare the old age with the new age, back then you won’t be able to create a business without some finance or building. However, today, the technology and the internet have provided us with an opportunity to build a business without the need of having the basics. Creating a business has never been easier, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you are all set.

So before proceeding with creating your business online, you will need to choose what type of business you want to get into. Luckily we found the following articles that contain business ideas to help you get started.

6 Online Business Ideas you can start with Minimum Investmen

The Internet has so many opportunities to offer. You can also earn online money by working as virtual assistance. There are so many small businesses that do not have the time or resources to handle all of the areas of the business. They often hire people to make sure that the job responsibilities are handled carefully. If you have good marketable skills then you can utilize them and earn money. You can handle several roles such as online marketing, report writing, responding to emails etc.

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make money online. You can start a blog without spending any money. The blog that you start without any money offers all the essential features that are required to create an effective blog. You can monetize the blog by using the respective ad network. Starting on a free platform will limit the potential of earning money but it is a good way of getting followers. Once you have the good following then you will be able to make the blog profitable. read more at

13 simple online business ideas

STARTING an online business requires a lot less risk than investing in an office or store front. You can reach a wide national — sometimes international — customer-base and work from anywhere. With only a basic knowledge of website maintenance and a knack for communication, you can have an online business up and running in days. If you’re ready to take the plunge into becoming an online entrepreneur, we’ve got 13 ideas to help you get off the ground.

2. Social media consultant — Larger firms can hire an agency or full-time staff member to run their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but small businesses often have to take care of their own social media marketing. With so many other responsibilities, business owners may be too busy or overwhelmed to spend time coming up with a great social media strategy. As a consultant, you can help them determine the best tactics, posting schedules and content for their target audience. As their follower count grows, so will your business. read more at



Tips For Relocating Your Business Office

Relocating your business is a complicated process, but in a lot of cases it will be the best solution in the long run. Location can be crucial to success in any business, even if you don’t think it’s that relevant to the product or service you offer, and you’ll do better later on if you make the right decision now.

However, that doesn’t necessarily make the moving process any easier for you in the short term. Hopefully, this list of tips will help with that part of the plan. You will need to be prepared and flexible at every stage if you want to ensure this works effectively and efficiently.


1) Think about hiring a professional team to help as soon as possible. Many logistics companies specialise in office relocation and removals, so they can help you plan out your move in advance.

2) Make sure you consider your objective. Why are you moving? What does your business need to get it where it needs to be in a few years’ time? Is your move addressing any current problems? Whether you’re cutting down your fixed costs, expanding your workforce, moving closer to your customers or any other reason, you need to make sure your actions reflect this motivation.

3) Did we mention planning? Just a few times, maybe, because it really is important. You might need to adapt and be flexible, but that’s why you don’t just make one rigid plan. You think about what might happen and prepare for every eventuality. For this task you will need a realistic timeline of when you want to be settled in the new office, what it needs to offer, what it’s going to cost and so on.


4) Make sure everyone affected by the move is involved in the process and, where possible everyone is in agreement about all of the points we’ve mentioned so far. People’s responsibilities in terms of helping make the move go as smoothly as possible should always be made clear.

5) Don’t let problems and setbacks delay the entire process too much. If something else comes up early on, you might decide it’s best not to move right now, but when will there ever be a perfect time? You might need to disrupt your own business on purpose for a short time in order to start reaping the benefits faster.

6) Use moving as an opportunity for your business to grow in every sense. Clear out clutter that takes up your work space. Update your equipment to maximise efficiency. Encourage people to work together on the project, build on their relationships and learn to communicate better. In the end, it should all work out for the best as long as you stay focused on your office move.

How To Get To Know Your Competitors

Starting up a business and making a basic plan is only the very beginning of finding success. You still need to get long term finance plans in place, conquer a new market and ensure all the bills are paid before you even think about turning a profit or growing. A short-cut tht can really help, but isn’t easy to achieve, is to fully understand what your current competitors are doing.


This includes identifying areas where you can learn from their success, and areas where you can improve on their failings. Don’t immediately try to copy the strategies of similar businesses. Firstly, why would you be starting up yourself if that’s your only idea? Secondly, you need to identify who’s going in the right direction and who’s on the verge of driving themselves out of the market, leaving a space for you to occupy. There are a few different approaches you can take here.

Firstly, bear in mind there is plenty of free information online and in other easily available resources where you can find out detailed financial information about many companies. If your rival is a public firm, they’re required to publish details of their financial success, or lack thereof. This may not be easy for a novice to interpret, but you always have the option of hiring specialists to help with this. The problem here is that public information isn’t the most reliable, and there are typically plenty of details that remain undisclosed.

Alternatives may include getting some insider knowledge through another source. Ideally, this could be your own experience. If you’ve worked with or for a competitor in the past, hopefully you’ll have an understanding and insight into how they go about making money. If you’re not directly connected, find someone who is and get as much information as you can from them.


If you’re really lucky, you may be able to dig up information from the past about their strategy. Look for any features in magazines or newspapers about the company you’re interested in, any old promotional literature you can find, and even old versions of their website which you can access online. Compare how they describe themselves now with the older materials and look for things that have changed with their approach. This can give you a valuable insight.

Be sure not to focus too heavily on a single competitor, unless this is essential for entry into your chosen niche market. Generally you’re more likely to succeed if you look at the market as a whole and consider as many different scenarios as possible, so it’s logical to find varied competitors and learn more about their past strategies if you can. This will help you identify potential problems more quickly and give you a more complete understand of what you’re getting into. The more time and careful planning you can invest into the early stages of entering a market, the better chance you have of outperforming all those competitors as soon as your business finally takes off.

Top Resources For Writing A Great Business Plan

A business plan is an essential starting point for any entrepreneur taking their new venture seriously and hoping to succeed. It might not be easy, especially when you have so much to do, but knowing where to look for inspiration should really help. There are certain resources you can check for practical help and guidance, which should ultimately help you understand where your business is heading and how you’re going to get there. Here are some of the best ideas.


Read online resources

Looks like you’ve already started on the right path my reading our guide! Many websites collect articles and resources to help people in exactly your position if you’re starting a company and looking for guidance. If you can find a site dedicated to your niche, this will be even better.

business-planCheck government advice

There are plenty of helpful documents and guidelines available online directly from the government. For practical business information and instructions on how to follow policies you can check Companies House, and for assistance with the financial aspects of your plan such as taxes and employing workers we would recommend looking at the HMRC website.

Use the right software

As you may or may not be aware, specialist software exists for writing business plans. These programmes usually off a huge range of useful tools to structure your document properly and ensure you don’t miss anything, plus they allow you to actually use and follow your plan more easily instead of forgetting about it once it’s been drawn up. You’ll be able to find sample plans available too, which should give you plenty of ideas.

bpPractice through competitions

You can submit your draft plan into a dedicated competition for business plans, with several going on throughout the UK at any one time. Making a persuasive argument that your business should be supported by investors is always good practice, plus you can receive feedback from experts on how to improve. This gives you a great test run before you finalise your pitch and look for financiers.

Get local advice

Nobody knows your target market better than people in your area, if you’re starting up a local business. As well as conducting market research (this should be the very first thing you do!), you might benefit from actually hiring a business advisor who has experience in your area, and better yet in your exact niche. There won’t be anyone better qualified to help you set up a great business plan than someone who’s done the same thing successfully in the past.